Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Acknowledging my psychological, physical, and spiritual progress

Hello everyone,
From unit 3, I scored 9 out of ten in both psychological and physical well-being. The two practices which I believed to be the most beneficial to me included both the rainbow meditation and the mental fitness practice. I really believe that both meditative techniques helped enrich my psychological life. For example, I really feel energetic and optimistic. However, I never scored high in spirituality. I don't consider myself a spiritual person. However,I really have hope that someday I can become spiritual. Dacher pointed out that psycho spiritual flourishing can be achieved through exploring the inner world. In addition, Dacher suggested that psychological development can lead to spiritual development.
From unit 3, I really scored very low in biological development. Dacher stated that the practitioners who discover that the mind and body are neither separate from each other, they can learn how to regulate their blood pressures, pulse, skin temperature, and glandular secretions(Dacher,2006). I really feel unable to control such bodily functions. For example, I am currently suffering from high blood pressure. In addition, my eating habits have been worsen since I got divorced. I eat uncontrollably. I eat huge amounts of food, and I suffer as my blood pressure goes up very high at night. I wish I can find a solution for my eating problem.
Creating wellness and the Psychological and spiritual Aspects of Healing was a turning point in my life. I really like all the theories I have studied during this term. For example, I really enjoyed practicing the loving-kindness meditation. It helped me release all the negative thoughts and feelings. In addition, I really felt so proud of myself when I started thinking about other people. The loving-kindness meditation helped me become a considerate and thoughtful human-being.
I really recommend the loving-kindness meditation for people suffering from depression. For example, when the depressed patients spend few moments thinking about other people's sufferingss, they can resolve their inner sufferings as well. Moreover, I can recommend the integral approach for my depressed clients, because the integral approach was based on one central idea: no human mind can be 100% wrong(Amorok,Schlitz,&Micozzi,2005). I really think that my clients will appreciate such theory, because it will help them gain more confidence in themselves.
As a nutritionist, I prefer to practice the rainbow meditation on a daily basis. The rainbow technique can help me overcome my eating disorder. In addition, I will definitely recommend the rainbow meditation to my clients. For example, the clients who suffer from eating disorders can be advised to to imagine several beams of light distributed on different organs of their bodies.
Finally, I really think that this class helped me look forward to meet my future husband. I don't suffer from guilt, fear, or hesitation thanks to the loving-kindness meditation. I really look forward to move on and find my future sweetheart.
Amorok, T., Schlitz, M., & Micozzi, M.S(2005). Consciousness & healing integral Approaches to Mind-Body Medicine. Integral Theory And Practice: An integral Approach. St.Louis: Elsevier(ppxx).
Dacher, E.S.(2006). Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. Psycho spiritual Flourishing: The four levels of psycho spiritual Development. Laguna Beach: Basic health publications, Inc.(pp.60-61).

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  1. I have the same thoughts about myself. I have never really been a pure spiritual person. I do believe in GOD and know that he leads the way for me, but I have lacked in being spiritual. My plans are to continue the practices to find my inner self, as you stated, and begin reading the bible and praying. I think I am going to search for me spiritual group to join such as a church. Best of Luck to you and continue the wonderful work that you do!