Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Personal application of Integral health

I think it is very important for wellness and Health practitioners to develop psychologically, spiritually, and physically, because health and wellness practitioners will eventually help their clients pursue their physical, psychological, and spiritual goals. I really think that health and wellness practitioners should apply the different practices of integral health on themselves so they can heal their inner selves. For example, health practitioners who have inner struggles can start the self-healing process through acknowledging the negative emotions which occupy their minds. They can simultaneously reverse the deleterious effects of these negative emotions. In addition, they can transform their minds in the direction of health, happiness, and wholeness. Moreover, when health practitioners succeed in transforming the negative emotions, their bodies will definitely smile (Dacher, 2006).It is very certain that when health and wellness practitioners smile, the clients can feel appreciated and determined to start their own healing processes.

Health and wellness practitioners who become psychologically healthy can explore the deeper I think it is very important for wellness and health practioners to develop psychologically, spiritually, and nature of the mind. In this way psychological development becomes a springboard for spiritual development. As a health practitioner, I really think that both the rainbow meditation and the mental fitness practice helped me foster mental fitness. For example, both techniques helped me acknowledge a drastic increase in my mental strength, flexibility, and endurance. In addition, the two practices helped me transform all the negative emotions including anger, hatred, and despair. I am very certain that the peace I experienced after doing these two practices can help me explore the deeper layers of my mind (Dacher, 2006).

The biological lives of Health and wellness practitioners evolve to include the mind. For example, when practitioners discover that the mind and body are neither separate from each other , they can learn how to regulate their blood pressures, pulse, skin temperature, and glandular secretions(Dacher,2006). As a nutritionist, I was able to discover that my mind and body are neither separate from each other (Dacher, 2006). However, unfortunately, I was not able to regulate my blood pressure, pulse, skin temperature, or glandular secretions (Dacher, 2006). For example, my sedentary lifestyles made me gain more than twenty pounds during the past two years. The author of Complementary and Integrative Medicine book stated that migraine headaches have been caused by food allergies, and abnormalities results in excessive platelet aggregation (Micozzi, 2009). In fact, when I entered my personal information into http://www.mypyramidtracker.gov/planner/launchPage.aspx , I was able to figure out the real causes of my persistent migraine headaches. For example, I realized that the refined sugars and the genetically modified sweeteners including corn syrup had increased the chances of migraine headaches. In addition, I really think that I need to include vigorous physical activities such as running, swimming, and jogging so I can achieve my fitness goals. In addition, when I include different physical activities into my daily routine, I can lose the extra weight which I have gained lately.

As a nutritionist, I really need to practice the rainbow meditation and the mental fitness practice regularly so I can foster mental fitness. In addition, I am very certain that the mental training can help me control my blood pressure, pulse, muscular tension, capillary blood flow, and bowel and bladder motility. In addition, the use of the mind/body can help alleviate migraine headaches, circulatory abnormalities, and gastrointestinal disorders (Dacher, 2006). In addition, I really hope that practicing the different psychological approaches including the rainbow meditation and mental fitness practice can move my mind into the direction of practicing a healthy spiritual life. I will definitely use prayer as a spiritual practice so I can explore the deeper layers of my mind and uncover the natural wisdom, inner peace, and loving-kindness that are the pivotal causes of a sustained well-being of body, mind, and spirit (Dacher, 2006).

I really think that logging on http://mypyramidtracker.gov/planner/launchPage.aspx can help me assess my physical progress. In addition, I really believe that my psychological and spiritual developments can be measured through making continuous efforts to control and regulate my bodily physical activities including blood pressure, glandular secretions, and skin temperature.


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