Monday, March 22, 2010

Experiencing Loving and kindness through meditation.

Hello Friends,
I really enjoyed practicing the loving-kindness meditation. It helped me release all the negative thoughts and feelings. I felt proud of myself when I started thinking about other people. I think that the loving- kindness meditation can make people more considerate and thoughtful. Thinking about others can help people forgive one another. In addition, when I practice this meditation, I wish happiness and prosperity for people who are not suffering. As I took in the suffering of many people I know, I really counted my blessing. I appreciated my health, my kids, and my good spirit. I really think that people who don't practice this meditation can feel upset when things around them go wrong. The negative feelings can trigger unhealthy psychological illnesses such as anxiety and depression. On the other hand, people who practice this therapy can experience peace and condolence . I really recommend the loving- kindness meditation for people suffering from depression. When people spend few moments thinking about other people's sufferings, they can question the causes of their own sufferings. In addition, when people suffering from depression think about themselves, they can start snapping themselves out of depression.
When I was a child, I used to blame myself for my mother's sickness. However, after I took in my mother suffering; I really started forgiving myself. I realized that I was not guilty because my mom was sich. My irrational guilt has finally vanished.
When I perform the loving and kindness meditation, I think about the foloowing facts:
After long and thoughtful consideration, I have come to a rather interesting conclusion.
Even though the global population is soaring into the billions, with thousands of religions, languages, philosophies, and cultures represented.
Ultimately, there are only two kinds of people.
There are those are certain the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and those who believe that the best is yet to come.
There are those who completely flip out at the very rumor of trouble and start screaming" The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"
But when you press them for hard evidence to explain their panic, they admit they have nothing better to back up their position than what "a little bird told them".
A far more reasonable approach is simply to put on the bravest smile you've got and admit that you are not the center of the known universe. Therefore, there will always be things you don't know and can't control(Tomorrow adventures in an uncertain world by Bradley Trevor Greive).


  1. Barbie, by no means was your mother's sickness your fault. I can only imagine the load of guilt that you have carring around with you all these years. I am so glad that you have been able to come into peace for yourself. The loving-kindness exercise was great. I loved it! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Hello,

    Very good blog; I noticed how you stated how the exercises helped you, I’m glad you was able to release the things that bothered you. It is always good to clear our hearts of painful things. It feels so good like a breath of fresh air. Yes these are some great meditation exercises; I will admit it was kind of strange for me at first because I never did it before. And I usually watch out for strange meditations because I don’t want to be worshiping something and not know it. Lol But these meditations were up close and personal and it made you deal with things up front they were really nice great post.