Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Optimal wellness

Optimal wellness is based on self transformation(academic data base, 2010). That is why I started changing my life style. For example, after reading Dacher's theory about Olympians of mental health; I began transforming my minds twards a more positive thinking. I am really looking forward to traain my mind. However, scientists discovered that Olympians of mental fitness have levels of activation of the left prefrontal cortex, the site that correlates with positive emotions, which are way beyond those of the ordinary individual(Dacher,2006). I think that self- transformation is a life- long process. In a matter of fact, a robust health can result from the systematic training of our mind through planned, systematic inner development(Dacher, 2006). The systematic transformation can take a while. However, it can lead to a real success. Changing my views regarding the hardships I was facing in my life made me understand the strength and needs I have as a human being. For example, I realized that my resilience and inner strength was very strong and solid. It enabled me to cope with the hardest moment in my life.
The failure in my first marriage had led me to understand my real nature. For example, I realized that I was looking after my physical well- being more than I needed. For the last ten years of my life, I was very careful in terms of what I eat. The food I bought was organic, natural, unprocessed, and very healthy. I visited my physicians regularly and checked my body thoroughly. When my doctor told me that I inherited breast cancer genes from my mom, I told my doctor that I will do all what it takes to fight breast cancer.
I think that the level of my spiritual well- being was on the rise after I was separated from my daughter. The separation took a real toll on my emotional well- being. However, it made me more thoughtful and considerate person. I became very sensitive to people's needs.I turned into a loving and caring human being. In addition, when I witnessed my academic success and progress at kaplan university, I started acknowledging my psychological well- being. I appreciate my outstanding performance, and I hope I can keep up the same good work.
My first goal is becoming more physically active. This goal can be achieved through exercising and watching my diet. My second goal is to improve my psychological well- being. This goal can be achieved through seeking counseling and professional help. The exercises which I used in the past to improve both my physical and psychological well- being included performing Bhangra dance and training my mind through the activation of my left prefrontal cortex(Dacher,2006). The exercise I enjoyed the most in this class was the rainbow meditation. I did the exercise yesterday at night. It made me think of the colors of the food I eat, and how these different colors have helped my body fighting stress and diseases. I really can not think of any frustration I experienced while performing the rainbow meditation. I hope I can learn similar techniques in the future.
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  1. Hi Barbie,

    I had promised to visit your blog last Wednesday night, and I got busy and am just now getting here. So sorry!

    I really love what you have written here about transforming your mind into something positive. It does take a long time, and the important thing you must remember is to never, ever give up. You eat an elephant one bite at a time.

    The transition may be smooth at times and not so smooth other times, but keep trying. One day, you'll realize how far you've come and you won't even know how you got there!