Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainbow meditation

Performing the rainbow meditation helped me relax and feel very eneretic. I understand that using this therapy requires great deal of imagination. For example, I was able to imagine several beams of light distributed on different organs of my body. As a nutritionist, I really like to imagine the colors I eat on a daily basis reaching different organs in my body. For example, the red color located in my spine can be derived from the red pigment of blood oranges. This red pigment is very rich in carotenoids, especially beta- carotene.In addition, it contains citrus flavones,athocyanins, and polyphenols. The red pigment I get from blood oranges can promote heart health, act as free radical scavengers, contain bone building calcium, and energy producing vitamin B1.
Beta- carotene is present in orange pigments. When I took a deep breath, I imagined an orange beam of light coming out of the lower portion of my stomach. This orange pigment can be found in carrot,orange, mango, and papaya. The body stores this pigment in fat tissues. That is why, I imagined the Beta- carotene pigment leaving my stomach and reaching all the fat tissues throughout my body. The second color which represented beta- carotene was located in my stomach. I really imagined two yellow squashes getting digested in my stomach.
When I moved my imagination towards my chest, I was able to visualize a green beam of light which represented the plant sterols I consume regularly. Plants sterols can be found in green plants such soy beans and artichoke. Scientifically, plant sterols can lower cholesterol and promote heart health.
When I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, I was able to imagine a light blue beam reaching my throat.This color represented an important mineral called iodine. It usually reminds me of the sea, because sea salt contains iodine. The sea can represent creativity. The light blue beam was getting darker when I transferred my awareness towards my forehead. At that time, I was able to imagine the positive flow of energy in my left prefrontal cortex. In addition, I realized that I was able to train my mind.
Finally, I imagined all the colors getting mixed. The new blend seemed white and brilliant. It represented the sense of calamity and serenity my body experienced.

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  1. Hi Barbie,

    I really enjoyed your post and I love the analogy you give us corrolating the colors of the rainbow with different foods. That was brilliant!

    That made me think of signature foods. For example, cauliflower looks like a brain, and is good for the brain; broccoli looks like the aveoli of the lung and is good for the lungs, and strawberries look like a heart and is good for the heart.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Rainbow Meditation and were able to train your mind. It is a wonderful tool.