Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rainbow meditation and mental fitness practice

Hello friends,
The two practices which I believed to be the most beneficial to me included both the rainbow meditation and the mental fitness practice. I really think that both techniques have helped me foster mental fitness. The rainbow meditation and the mental fitness practice made acknowledge a drastic increase in my mental strength, flexibility, and endurance. The techniques I did seemed repetitive, and they required a great deal of attention. However, the two meditative techniques helped my mind stop all mental activity(Dacher,2006). This pause was very healthy for me, because it helped my mind experience peace and tranquility. Moreover, these two practices helped me clear my mind from all the mental chatters, chaos, and negative thoughts.
As a nutritionist, I would definitely encourage my clients to include the mental fitness practice in their daily routines, because it can clear their minds and increase their attention spans. Moreover, I can recommend the mental fitness practice to all college students who wish to focus better and earn higher grades.
I really think that all nutrients can use the rainbow meditations as a tool to educate their clients about the importance of keeping a healthy and well- balanced diet. For example, nutrients can run the rainbow meditations on the patients who suffer from eating disorders including bulimia and anorexia. The clients who suffer from eating disorders can be advised to imagine several beams of light distributed on different organs of their bodies. For example, the clients can perceive the red light as a very healthy red pigment called beta- carotene. as a result, the clients can acknowledge the important role of beta-carotene in fighting cardiovascular and infectious diseases. Similarly, the patients can be taught to use their imaginations when they consume other healthy nutritionists including iodine and chlorophyll. I would definitely encourage my clients to think about chlorophyll as a green beam of light reaching out their chests. When the clients start visualizing the green light within their chests, I can start explaining to them the benefits of chlorophyll including lowering blood cholesterol and preventing heart attacks Finally, I can use the same technique to help my clients understand the benefits of iodine including regulating the manufacturer of thyroid hormones and enhancing the secretion of estrogen within the tissues of breasts(Murray,1996). The blue beam of light which represents iodine can be located when the clients starting imagining the blue beam of light emanating from their throats and reaching other organs within their bodies including the thyroid gland and the breast tissues.
I really look forward to implement all the techniques I learned in this course including the rainbow meditation and the mental fitness practice into my profession. In addition, I really look forward to teach my clients how they can avoid diseases through practicing both rainbow meditations and the mental fitness practices.
Dacher, E.S.(2006). Integral Health: The path to Human Flourishing. Human Flourishing: A taste of Human Flourishing. Laguna Beach: Basic health, Inc. (147-148).
Murray, M.T.(1996). Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements. Minerals: Iodine benefecial effects. New York: Three Rivers Press. (pp.205).


  1. That is so need how you came up with a different version to help benefit your clients. You have a great mind at work. I really liked the practices you picked too. I know that your clients have a wonderful, smart person to care for them. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I was happy to read that, as a nutritionist, you will recommend these meditative practices to your clients. This is such a wonderful and priceless tool to offer them to help offset those times when we reach for food, often bad food, for comfort.

    Keep up the good work!