Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meeting Asclepius- The inner Healer-

Hello Friends,
Meeting Asclepius was very interesting and helpful meditation for me, because it enabled me to retrieve very useful memories from my sub-conscious memory. For example, I was able to imagine my deceased mother giving me the courage and strength to proceed in life and laugh in the face of all hardships, disappointments, and fear. I was very happy to see my mother speaking to me and pointing at the hero who lives inside me. This wonderful experience started right after I sat very comfortably on a seat and closed my both eyes. My mother came smiling to me and, she placed a golden crown on my head. She told me that she was very pleased with me, because I had put all the bad memories behind my back. She told me to keep it up and to pass on this strength and confidence to my daughters. My mother told me that the cancer she fought in the last ten years of her life was never my fault. In addition, she encouraged me to stay healthy and to share the knowledge I have with other people so they never suffer from cancer.
The image of my mother was very sweet and vivid. When I told my mother that was very beautiful, she told me that she had felt the same exact way when she held me in her arms for the first time. I thanked my mother for the crown she had placed on my head, and I allowed a strong beam of light to form at the crown she was wearing on her head. Similarly, I allowed the dense white light emanating from my mother's mind to enter my own mind. In addition, I allowed this energy to bathe and purify my thoughts, feelings, and images. The energy had slowly transformed my mind into the mind of my mother. I felt love, kindness, and joy emanating from my mother's mind and penetrating into my mind.
Next, I allowed another beam of light to form and emnate from the throat of my mother's throat. This energy had bathed and purified my speech(Dacher,2006). I took on the qualities I admired in my mother speech including love, kindness, and sensitivity(Dacher,2006). I felt that I was able to pass on the same influential comments, phrases, and greetings to my daughters. The final beam of light which had emerged from my mother's heart was able to reach my heart in one moment. It was very warm, delicate, and sincere. It was so special, meaningful, and bright. This last beam of light had bathed and purified my heart with kindness, love, and compassion(Dacher,2006). This magnificent beam of light had finally changed my heart!
I experienced my mother soft voice praising my own songs. The soft voice I heard from my mother encouraged me to sing the same songs for my daughters. the final beam of light which emanated from my mother's body had dissolved into a bright white light. It successfully penetrated my body and reached out all the organs, cells, and tissues within my body.
I was very happy when I received the last beam of light from my mother's body. However, I was very determined to purify my body from all the cancerous cells which had claimed my mother's life. I told my mother that I will do my best to purify my system from all the toxins, carcinogens, and viruses which can lead to cancer. I promised my mother to take care of my own health so I can enjoy a very healthy and productive life.
Dacher, E.S.(2006). Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. Preparing the Ground: Meeting Asclepius. Laguna Beach: Basic Health Publications Inc.(pp.56).


  1. What a powerful post! I felt your mother's love and peace as I read your post, and I am happy that you have found this practice, because I believe this will empower you to spare your daughters the trauma of losing their mother to cancer, and will spare them the possibility of developing cancer.

    Your mother's death to cancer is not in vain because you have learned through her struggles, and she is reaching through to you now.

    God Bless you and your family.


  2. Very touching post! When reading it, I felt like I was right with you and your mother and visualizing every step that yall had together through your journey. Your mother and you sound like very caring, loving individuals and I know both of you were are very blessed to be able to reach out to others. The world has great people with these extraordinary stengths and you have shown these! Keep you the wonderful work you do!!!