Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moving toward a more sustained health, happiness, and wholeness(Dacher,2006)..

Hello Friend,
This week I have practiced the universal loving- kindness meditation exercise along with the integral assessment. When I completed the integral assessment, I discovered new aspects about my personal relationships, emotional development, fitness, work, and intimacy(Dacher,2006). For example, when I included my personal and emotional development in the loving- kindness meditation, I realized that I was lacking important social skiils which affect my emotional well- being and intemacy.I had to start with the universal loving -kindness meditation. I took a deep breath and I repeated the foloowing phrases for 10 minutes:
May all individuals gain freedom from suffering.
May all individuals find sustained health, happiness, and wholeness.
May I assist all individuals in gaining freedom from suffering.
May I assist all individuals in finding health, happiness, and wholeness.
The people I saw suffering in the universal loving- kindness meditation included myself and my ex- husband. The suffering of my falling marriage made me fear intimacy. I am sure that my fear is irrational. However, it felt very strong and over-whelming. My ex-husband was the king in the meditation who asked me to give up all my the negative emotions including personal ambition, greed, pride, and any thought of the king(ex-husband) (Dacher,2006).
The suffering of my ex- husband included the disappointment he experienced when I refused to do what the wise woodcarver has done. In addition, I was able to get in touch with my suffering which represented the feeling of guilt when I decided not to carry out my king's order!
I was dealing with the negative consequences of my marital failure for the past three years. However, today, I was finally able to overcome a new guilt which lived inside me for the last three years after the divorce. For the first time in my life, I never cursed the king who asked me to let go of my ambition, pride, and greed. I had blessed him! I was able to feel very strong, because I finally forgave the king. For the first time, I did not feel like screaming and saying "what a tyrant king". I just let go of him.
When I practiced the loving-kindness meditation, I found out that I needed to train my body the same way I have trained my mind. The area I have chocen to be a focus of growth and development was the biological line of development(Dacher,2006).For example, I decided to include some physical activities in my daily life such as walking, dancing, and practicing yoga.
The kind of yoga I chose to include in my daily routine was called "the tantric yoga". This kind of yoga was referred to as a sexual energy. The author of my alternative medicine book, Dr.Marc Micozzi has noted that tantric yoga posits that sexual energy is an important reservoir of energy that should be used wisely to facilitate the spiritual process rather than block it through orgasmic release. In addition, the author mentioned that orgasm doesn't lead to bliss but merely to pleasurable sensations(Micozzi,2006).
I will try to include the tantric yoga in my daily routine when I get married for the second time. however, I really like to think about what Dr. Dacher said about sexual energy. For example, Dacher explained that people can experience the moment which can stop all mental activities when they get immersed in the stillness of nature or when they reach the climax of pleasure during sexual orgasms(Dacher,2006). I would love to experience this kind of pleasure in my next marriage. In addition, i hope that the tantric yoga and other physical activities can help me achieve my fitness goals including loosing weight and working out my abdominal muscles.
Dacher, E.S.(2006). Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. The integral assessment: Biological and Interpersonal Flourishing.Laguna Beach: Basic Health Inc.(pp.105-116).
Micozzi, M.S.(2006). Fundamentals of Complementary And Integrative Medicine.(3rd ed.).Yoga: Sexual Energy: Trantrism And Yoga.St.Louis: Elsevier Inc.(pp.516).


  1. Hi Barbie,

    I was saddened to read about your divorce and failing marriage to your ex-husband. However, I was happy to hear that you were taking the time now for meditation exercises and becoming involved in tantric yoga. I did not realize there were different types/kinds of yoga. I thought yoga was just that "yoga". It was very interesting to read all that is involved with tantric yoga. I will have to try this exercise some day and see what it is all about and what pleasure I can receive from it. Sounds like you have your priorities straight and I hope you do experience the kind of love you deserve in your next marriage. If you continue on the path you are on now, I believe you experience all positive and beneficial things. Good luck to you.


  2. Hi Barbie,

    You have put so much work into your personal development. For that, you have much to be proud of. Good accomplishments.

    And, having forgiven the tyrant king (your ex-husband) releases you for your next journey. You are no longer under his influence, and you are one step closer to Human Flourishing. Congratulations!